Report Date: 01/23/2010

Research Pedigree - 4 Generation
Rainbowbridge & Sando's Irresistible

Reg Name:Rainbowbridge & Sando's Irresistible
Reg #:SR537924/05 Breed/Variety:English Springer Spaniel
Birth Date:10/30/2008 Sex:Female
Colors/Markings:Liver White & Tan Roan
Breeder(s):Mrs. Tracy L Salerno

Rainbowbridge & Sando's Irresistible
Liver White & Tan Roan
Leshocks Roaning Wonder
SR308425/10 11-07
Liver White & Tan Roan
AKC DNA #V553165
Winchester Sport
SR202974/08 12-05
Liver & White
AKC DNA #V421387
My Whizzin' Mate Quigley Lee
SR037462/07 01-05
Black & White
Quigleys Whizzin' Levi
SN422029/15 01-99
Black & White
AKC DNA #V188835
Company Farms Abbey
SN257433/05 02-97
Liver & White
A Pretty Lil Copper Saffron
SR046816/04 01-05
Liver White & Tan
Hidden Vally's Remmington SH
SN726238/08 09-01
White & Liver
Morgans Abigail Brooke
SN506853/03 03-03
Liver & White
Rainbowbridge Kahlil Greene
SR173849/07 03-06
Liver White & Tan Ticked
Miss Eva's Dudley
SN896200/05 01-04
Black White & Tan
Mo's Nickelodeon
SN521654/01 11-01
Liver & White
Dear Abby IV
SN815257/04 04-02
Black & White
Maggie's Buttons Of Wagener
SN238806/03 05-97
Liver & White
Lord Kamin Of Whiteford
SN027538/08 06-95
Liver & White
Maggie Of Carriage Hill
SN011494/09 06-95
Liver & White
Stella Luna Salerno
SR401352/03 10-08
Black White & Tan
Woodside Good Will Hunter
SR213004/06 12-06
Black White & Tan
Rainbowbridge Wizzard Of Ozz
SR088764/07 01-05
Black White & Tan
AKC DNA #V361065
Zach's Big Mac
SN292536/08 04-97
Liver & White
AKC DNA #V139971
Zach's Little Tri
SN879160/02 10-03
Black White & Tan
Rainbowbridge Frankie Howard
SR058263/11 06-04
Liver White & Tan Roan
Oakwood Paige's Whats Up Doc
SN847384/01 05-02
Black & White
Bailey's Ragdoll
SN770052/03 05-02
Liver & White
Brandi Hawthorne
SR274569/08 12-06
Liver & White
Heartlands Bold Flush SH
SR163355/06 10-05
White & Liver
AFC Denalisunflos Woodson SH
SN674332/11 10-02
Liver & White
OFA54G AKC DNA #V178934
Windrift's Ebony And Ivory Mercedes MH
SN749641/03 07-04
White & Black
Casey Brittany Queen
SR075856/02 10-05
Liver & White
Hartman's Proud Boy Casey
SN813620/03 07-02
Liver & White
Brittany Queen Of The Hill
SN480899/09 08-99
Liver & White

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